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Martin is a trustworthy, experienced soul, who understands words have power to create, maintain, and abolish, when the time is ready.

Mary B.

It has been my distinct pleasure to have made Mr. Santos’ acquaintance.

Furthermore, I have had the great good fortune to become better acquainted with him over these past three odd years. I have found Martin to be an honestly grounded, sensitive and straightforward sort of man.

Martin is ever seeking spiritual maturity while evoking the guidance of the Higher Power. He possesses an innate presence of mind and soul.

He regularly reaches out to others for mutual and self discoveries. Martin has the grasp and ability to influence those people who will have it with an understanding and positive nature.

Of course, realizing there are some in this world who lack the gift of rigorous self honesty; Let’s call them “Earth People.” I have found Martin to be most tolerant, kind, thoughtful and emphatic.

Martin isn’t a mean spirited sort of man. In fact, he walks the talk with dignity and purpose. I am proud to know Martin as friend.

Fred v S.

Your research is spectacular. You were very detailed in your thoughts and explanation throughout. Well done!

GCU College of Humanities & Social Sciences Professor, Angie May

Thank you for this self-reflection. I really appreciate reading your work and perspective.

Dr. Carmilla Solomon

This was an excellent presentation. The speaker’s notes were very detailed and the slides themselves were very engaging. I really enjoyed reading through your work.

Dr. Solomon

Martin, your presentations expertly describe holistic approaches (stress-relief, self-esteem, relationships, and spirituality, and descriptions are comprehensive and insightful with relevant evidence to support claims.
Your writing expertly describes effective coping skills to improve emotional well-being, and descriptions are comprehensive and insightful with relevant evidence to support claims.

Dr. Dionne E., Mental Health, Wellness, and Healthcare Integration, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Az.

Martin has the intelligence, the creativity, the talent, the power of action and spiritual aptitudes to teach and listen with nuance.

Jack B.

You are a mountain mover in recovery, Martin.

Joseph H.

Magnificent being with Martin. Having heard the words and empathy, I have learned how to nurture life better.

Martha B.

I want to be sure that you are also taking credit for what you have learned. Without your dedication to learning and commitment to excellence, you would not have gained so much! I am confident that you will continue to do very well in this program and that God has awesome things planned for your future. I love to see how the Lord works everything to good and it feels wonderful to know that you will be a blessing to others, and I got to play a small part in developing that!

Dr. Robyn H., Professor of Ethics, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix Az

Your discussion board posts are always so inspirational to read which gives me the motivation to do better as a person and to perform better in this course, my upcoming course and overall academics.
Continue to be you yet continue to strive at being a better you every day and continue to post these amazing discussion board posts!

Dawana V.

Wonderful feedback and insight!

Dr. Dionne E.

Martin, thank you for the thoughtful response. You are right in that it is easy to talk about change and developing healthy habits but to do them is all together different. True change has to be driven by the individual not by another person telling them they need to change.

Shelley W.

Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.

Alan Watts