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Healthy Lifestyle

What factors contribute to a healthy lifestyle? What activities can be suggested to help influence a healthy lifestyle?

Mindset (attitude) is foundational to healthy living. The importance  of psychosocial and substantive behaviors contributes to both the cause (spiritual malady) of illness and the success of treatment in the rehabilitation setting (Nathenson, 2013). 

Applying the eight dimensions of wellness (Physical, Intellectual, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Vocational, Financial, Environmental) into daily living influence a healthy lifestyle. Inner resilience, which is necessary to face the inevitable challenges of life, can be amplified by putting awareness, attention, and effort into these areas of life as appropriate. According to Hunyn and Wisk (2022), behavioral economics (BE) concepts have become well studied tools in addressing patient issues, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, and medication adherence. 

Physical conditioning (walking, endurance training, exploring nature), proper nutrition (diet), prayer/ meditation, and cultivating fulfilling relationships are tangible activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. What we put into our minds is equally important. Discernment in what we read, listen (music, television, people) are self-care practices that require daily vigilance.

Utilizing resources such as SAMHSA, National Institute of Health (NIMH), National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) and Mental Health of America (MHA) are multiple initiative-taking options to gain awareness, education, and guidance, as well as community-based resources (Community Colleges).


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Lyn Nathenson, S., & Nathenson, P. (2013). Integrative wellness in rehabilitation: social and behavioral aspects of health care and clinical applications. Rehabilitation Nursing : The Official Journal of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, 38(6), 276–283.


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